The open market presents enormous opportunities for those who choose to define and execute an effective strategy. With the E-source® Management Program, E-source is leading an evolution in the way manufacturing companies use the open market in their manufacturing processes. Cutting-edge companies are recognizing the untapped potential of the open market to stave off intense fiscal pressures, reduce manufacturing costs, and become more competitive at the finished goods level. Implementing a long-term strategy now will enable you to emerge a stronger player as market demand accelerates. Working with the E-source® Management Program, you can capitalize on oversupply markets, achieve better returns on excess material, and minimize the premiums you pay when product is short, allocated or obsolete. E-source challenges you to question outdated assumptions - to rethink the open market as an essential link in your supply chain.

E-source operates in the multi-billion dollar open market for semiconductors. This global marketplace, made of up thousands of OEMs, CEMs, resellers, distributors and traders, exists for one purpose: to even out the natural inefficiencies of the worldwide manufacturing supply chain.

Three basic services occur in the open market; hence, E-source provides three distinct services to OEMs and CEMs:

  • Shortage requirements: We source product that is short, allocated or obsolete
  • Cost reduction: We help companies leverage the open market to save money
  • Excess management: We manage excess inventory and work to increase poor rates of return on distressed assets.

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