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E-source was established in 1998, and since then has become a recognized force in the industry. Our customers include blue-chip companies such as IBM, NEC and Lucent, as well as countless other smaller and medium-sized OEMs and CEMs. We attribute the success of our firm to the solid relationships we have developed - relationships built on trust, respect, and the opportunity for mutual benefit. Through our unique trading strategies, E-source has built an integrated, proactive, results-oriented brokerage platform that enables electronics manufacturers to hedge uncertainty, manage risk, and improve bottom-line costs.

During recent times, when many firms rushed to create Internet portals for e-business, they failed to integrate the technology into real-time business applications. We embrace emerging technologies; but we also believe they must work in order to be valuable. Further, E-source has remained true to our founding philosophy: people do business with people. Our intent is to help companies manage the open market, rather than be managed by it.

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about us
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