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Gene Fontaine is a founder of E-source and serves as the company's President. As the chief visionary of the firm, Gene has spent years interacting with many different players and people within the industry, observing how OEMs and CEMs relate to the marketplace, and detecting important patterns and trends. In the process, he has developed an innovative approach to trading on the open market that is exemplified in the E-source philosophy. The underlying theme of the E-source approach is this: employ an effective long-term strategy, work with a trusted partner who represents your interests, and the market will generate significant competitive advantages.

Gene is an honors graduate of SUNY Buffalo, where he received a bachelor of arts degree in economic geography with a minor in philosophy. He earned a certification of specialization in international business and world trade from the School of Geography, where he concentrated on the flow of goods, capital and people in international trade.

Mike Fontaine is co-founder and Corporate Officer of E-source. A self-made man with a history of successful ventures, Mike spent most of his career in the banking and mortgage industry before becoming involved in semiconductor distribution. He brings extensive experience in finance to E-source operations, and as a technical trader, employs his own systems to trade a diverse portfolio of stocks and commodities. Mike holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Vermont, with core specializations in importing and exporting and Russian area studies.

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