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All brokerage firms are not created equal... Many of them rely on a shotgun approach, working from deal to deal - a practice that neither taps the market's potential nor works in the best interests of the customer. In contrast, E-source integrates a suite of services designed to create optimum trading strategies that will:

  • minimize risk
  • increase rates of return on excess
  • significantly reduce costs
  • improve the bottom line.

How? Through our efforts to classify certain industry segments, E-source has developed cross-trading opportunities based on a mature database of product information pegged to defined market areas. In addition to thousands of trading partners all over the world, this database creates an expansive network of end-users with common trading interests. The result is a win-win situation for all parties. OEMs with excess to sell achieve a better-than-average rate of return, while the buyer realizes significant discounts that are ordinarily unavailable. Our expertise in bringing together these players within a fragmented marketplace, based on the commonality of the components they use, is the key to a successful open market strategy. Meet us halfway, and we will prove the difference.

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why we're different
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